Frequent subjects and questions before the purchase:

What are the advantages of universe2go+ when compared with other star map apps?
Universe2go+ is a modern development of usual star chart apps that until now have just shown the starry sky on the display of a smartphone. With the hand-held planetarium, you will now be able to experience the starry sky in new, augmented reality. These are the main differences:

1) The accuracy of these apps is by far not high enough for a reliable identification of a star. Laymen in particular will therefore not be able to clearly identify the constellations by using these apps. Universe2go+ uses a special method, which enables you to reliably identify the correct star and the constellation.

2) Other apps show the constellations much smaller than they appear in the sky. Moreover, the natural brightness of the stars appears much different to the way they are displayed on the screen. This also contributes to the fact, that the laymen will hardly be able to find a constellation. With Universe2go+ this is child’s play, because the constellation lines are visible between the real stars.

3) Universe2go+ has a digital zoom, which automatically magnifies many cosmic objects! This creates a special ambience and enables an impressive experience.

4) Augmented reality: With Universe2go+, you get a view of the actual night sky and not on a display. The view of the actual stars is augmented with a lot of virtual information that is directly added to your field of vision. The stars and constellations, for example, have connecting lines, and the names of the constellations pass right before your eyes. You don’t have to switch your gaze between the display and sky and then match up the information yourself – you recognise everything immediately, at just a glance.

5) 50° field of view: At outstretched arm’s length, with most star chart apps, you have a field of view of, on average, 15°. Look through the Universe2go+ star glasses, and you will see a field of view of 50°.

6) Audio guide: Universe2go+ offers more than 3 hours of audio material about constellations, stars, planets and deep-sky objects. You will discover the sky and simply enjoy what the planetarium tells you.

Is the Universe2go+ app free?
You can download the App Universe2go+ free of charge from the Apple App Store or from Google Playstore. After the installation you will have a star map function (without the star viewer) available. In order to be able to use the full functionality in the “Planetarium” mode you need the Universe2go+ viewer.

Where can I download the Universe2go+ app?
You can find the Universe2go+ app in the Apple App Store or the Google Playstore. Simply visit the App Store of your operating system with your Smartphone, open the search function and enter “Universe2go+”. The Google Playstore can also be accessed via the following Link via the internet browser of your PC.
In which languages is the app available?
App and instructions available in (the following) English, German, French, Italian, Spanish. Audio-Guide in English, German, French and Spanish.
You can find more information about this here.
What is the smallest Smartphone screen size that can be used with Universe2go+?
We recommend a diagonal screen size of at least 3.5 inch or bigger. Smaller Smartphone screens do not cause any technical problems, but the image could appear too small.

Does Universe2go+ also work abroad, even if no internet connection is available?
You need an internet connection to download the App. Once installed, the Universe2go+ app works fully independently. This means that operation does not require an internet connection. Wherever you are in the world: Universe2go+ will show you the starry sky.

Is Universe2go+ also suitable for spectacle wearers?
Yes, even if you wear glasses, you have, at any time, a perfect overview over the complete field of vision.

I need reading glasses to recognize anything on my Smartphone. Is the manual planetarium Universe2go+ generally suitable for me?
The optics of Universe2go+ have been corrected for excellent visibility. Because, even while you see the distant stars of the real starry sky, you will also see the digital screen. For Universe2go+ you do not need your reading glasses.