Experience the starry sky like never before!

Universe2go is an interactive viewer, combining the real starry sky with the digital world. An absolute worldwide novelty! But how does Universe2go do this? The answer lies within the term “Augmented Reality” and the fantastic possibilities of modern Smartphones.

Get started now – use Universe2go to embark on a unique expedition through our night sky!

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Download the App, insert your Smartphone and get started
Universe2go is an entirely new and recently developed star viewer, which, in combination with the accompanying App, shows you the starry sky. Just download the free App from the App Store and place your Smartphone into the star viewer.

And when the stars appear in the night sky, you’ll be ready to get started: Once outside, look up to the sky through the Universe2go. You will find all the constellations, planets or Deep Sky objects you desire. Take a trip through the cosmos with full orientation like never before!

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What’s in store with the Universe2go
  • A hand-held planetarium: Get to know the starry sky, just as if you had a personal astronomer to explain everything
  • Augmented reality: Digital information combined with the image of the real night sky
  • Learn all 88 constellations in the sky
  • Where are the planets? With Universe2go you will find them
  • Interstellar space: Embark on a journey to numerous galaxies, star clusters and nebulae
  • Navigation system for the universe: Discover celestial bodies of your choice
  • ISS Warner: As soon as the space station ISS appears on the horizon, Universe2go will immediately inform you
  • Lean back and relax: Listen to more than three hours of audio information about the heavens
  • Exciting stories: Dive into the old Greek mythology – learn more about Orion, Pegasus and Cassiopeia
Audible facts: Three hours of exciting information to listen to
Universe2go not only shows you the starry sky. With more than three hours of audio material you will receive loads of information about constellations, stars, planets and many nebulae and galaxies. Experience the starry sky twice in one go: Visibly and audibly.

Audio excerpt of the swan constellation:

Audio excerpt of the mythological story about the celestial hunter Orion:

Audio excerpt of the Great Orion Nebula:

Different modes offer a great variety of content
You alone determine what Universe2go shows and tells you. The innovative and intuitive controls allow you to choose from various menu options without ever taking your smartphone out of the star viewer. You simply control your Universe2go by the movement of your head.

The content
  • Complete Hipparcos catalogue (approx. 120,000 stars)
  • Messier objects and complete NGC catalogue
  • Specially edited images: Planets, 150 Deep-Sky objects, comets and satellites
  • − Audio guide: All 88 constellations, descriptions and mythology, planets, 120 Deep-Sky objects, satellites and 30 of the brightest stars – more than 3 hours in total!
No cramming - just relaxation and enjoyment
Becoming familiar with the starry sky is now child’s play. Because while watching the sky you are automatically informed about the positions of constellations or when you are able to see the planets. Universe2go is your personal celestial show with a tremendous learning factor. Fun for the whole family!

Developed by enthusiastic hobby astronomers
Universe2go has been developed with plenty of love and attention to detail and is “made in Germany”. The core of Universe2go is the software, which will be developed further, in order to provide the best experience to its users – so look forward to learning about the functions and content added in the future.