Response of our customers

Really a super device

Customer’s review from H. D. 

Now I finally know what I am looking at through my telescope. Universe2go tells you exactly where you are and what you are watching, you can search and you will find. Especially the Deep-Sky mode fascinated me, simply awe inspiring, the device is really worth the money. Setting up was super easy on the iPhone 4S, I hope for more new menus in the future. For now, I am looking forward to many clear nights. My boss would now say: well done, I am proud of you!!!

Astronomy made easy

Customer’s review from Maasche 

With Universe2Go one can quickly explore the starry sky and is additionally awarded with background knowledge, without having to read through a vast amount of literature. In the beginning, we had problems with the installation because of insufficient storage space. However, we were quickly able to deal with that! We already have an Omegon telescope and are very pleased with these products -> highly recommended!

Stars within reach

Customer’s review from Sternschnuppe 

Just in time for Christmas I was able to hold my Universe2go in my hands. Very excited. Both packaging and the device itself are very appealing and of high quality design. Both the storage pouch and the strap for carrying the device around the neck are very nice. The description is simple and easy to understand. I downloaded the App (Android) to my Smartphone. It is important to have a phone with more storage, because the App itself has a size of approx. 350Mb. Connect the Smartphone and fit it into the receptacle. Fits tightly and does not wobble. Excellent that this is possible in a modular design. It was then time to start the App and to calibrate. By following the instructions this worked without problems. Now there was nothing in the way to obstruct the “Star gazing mode”. The weather god showed a great deal of understanding and gave us a clear sky. Quickly became acquainted with the menu control by means of head movements and off we went. On this evening my partner and I watched the constellations Leo, Orion and Cassiopeia. If it hadn’t been so cold, we surely would have spent more time watching. ;-)
Our conclusion: First class equipment, which is simple to operate (plug and play) and brings you closer to the stars in a most entertaining way. I would not like to miss it and can, without reservations, recommend buying it.

Excellent hand-held planetarium

Customer’s review from Miaplacidus 

Recently, I bought the new Universe2go. I was very much looking forward to this equipment. My expectations were by far surpassed. This device is just fun. It is suitable for both the beginner as well as for the experienced star gazer. The delivery was very quick. The packaging was excellent. I can just recommend the product and Omegon.

Lots of fun

Customer’s review from nimazuwi 

Bought this product for a friend of mine and all I can say is that he is full of enthusiasm. Had some problems with a Smartphone when entering the code (fortunately no problems with another one), however, this could be easily rectified by updating the App.

Fun device

Customer’s review from W. D. 

Right at the start the operation is something to get used to. Who likes to lean his head to the side? But once you get the hang of it, it is a lot of fun.
Unfortunately, it does not make much sense to pass it on to others, depending on the eyes of the next watcher, a fact that will obviously only become apparent by testing and trying.
Even my father-in-law was totally enthusiastic when he was able to watch the stars in the sky “right through the roof of the house!”
Otherwise, setting up the App on my Fairphone was very easy, the automatic explanation mode is simple, however, one should take time and not be hasty. The product will then become something to enjoy and is worth every cent of its price!