You alone determine what Universe2go shows and tells you. The innovative and intuitive controls allow you to choose from various menu options without ever taking your smartphone out of the star viewer. You simply control your Universe2go+ by the movement of your head. In the menu you will find the following modes:

Starter mode
Your first glance at the sky: In this mode you simply hold Universe2go+ up towards the sky and you will not only see the real starry sky. Your hand-held planetarium recognizes the constellation you are currently looking at, and will automatically draw in the constellation lines. The name of the constellation appears: Remain on the name approx. 2 seconds and the audible explanation will start. This way you can explore one constellation after the other. Very soon you will not only know where the constellations are, but you will even be able to tell friends and family many interesting facts about each one.

Discoverer mode
Explore the constellations even more intensively! Here you become a discoverer. Aim at a star in a constellation and information such as distance and brightness will be displayed. For bright stars you can listen to explanations given by the audio guide, because very often a star can share a lot of astonishing facts about its life.

Mythology mode
The starry sky recounts mankind’s ancient legends in Greek mythology, among others. Recognize the constellations, view the old drawings and listen. How could Cetus, the sea monster, be defeated? Why did Cassiopeia face the wrath of the gods? Listen to the heroic stories about kings, monsters or curses. And learn why they were banished to the starry sky.

Deep-Sky mode
Dive into the depths of the universe. Discover nebulae, in which stars are born. Be amazed by star clusters, which are almost as old as the universe, itself. Or leave our milky way and look in amazement at galaxies many millions of light years away. Be impressed by fantastic colour images which have been taken with professional telescopes, like the well-known Hubble Space Telescope. Just focus on the object for about 2 seconds, and the star viewer will zoom in to the object.

With the new 3D-mode on Universe2go, your sense of space will become even more intense – just as if you were travelling through the universe in a spaceship.


Universe2go works just like a real navigation system, only for the universe. Choose the celestial object, the position of which you would like to find, and Universe2go will display arrows to show you the way to your target.