The developers


Universe2go+ was developed by the enthusiastic astronomer and inventor Dr. Martin Neumann in cooperation with the Astro-brand Omegon.

The inventor of Universe2go+

neumann Dr. Martin Neumann, born 1965, has always been interested in natural science. As a small boy he always wondered why the sun is so cold in winter, since it is so much lower and therefore surely closer to the earth. Since a career as professional footballer for his favourite team Schalke 04 was out of the question, because of a lack of talent, he studied chemistry in Bochum and after taking his doctor’s degree he worked for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical company Bayer for many years.

His reputation as a creative head brought him the position of innovation manager, but he then decided that it would be best for him to become self-employed as entrepreneur, consultant, inventor, author, speaker, blogger, coach and teacher. Since then he has been living up to the motto: “Use every day to gather new experience and to grow. Become a little bit wiser day by day, to make sure that this knowledge will contribute to giving the world something precious and to support others in their process of learning and growing.” Since 2009 Martin Neumann has managed the enterprise innospiring in Cologne.

Here, in cooperation with his partners, he develops patent-ready ideas, such as new possibilities of use for mobile terminal equipment or new man-machine interfaces for reducing the energy consumption in the house. Additionally, he loves astronomy, sports (Cologne marathon) and music, he play the guitar, saxophone and didgeridoo and he even sometimes writes his own songs. His three sons Niklas, Lukas and Jonathan are his pride and joy.

Omegon – Focussing on Nature

logo-omegon-de When night falls, the stars twinkle in the crystal clear sky. When in the coolness of the morning a kingfisher is hedgehopping just above the water. This is the time to experience nature – with Omegon. With a product range of about 500 different articles, Omegon offers a vast variety of products in the fields of hobby astronomy, nature observation, sports optics and microscopy.

By concentrating on the direct sales of products, customers benefit from the tested quality and an excellent service level at very attractive prices. The backing enterprise nimax from Landsberg a. Lech near Munich also runs several specialized Online-Shops and, with is one of the leading specialized dealers in the field of hobby astronomy. More details about the enterprise under