Germans can recognize the following constellations in the sky

Recently we placed an order for a survey: How many people in Germany actually know their way around the sky? Who likes to look up to the sky? The well-established polling institute TNS Emnid conducted a representative study inside Germany and questioned 1003 persons, 14-65 years of age.

The information graphic quickly shows you, which constellations the Germans recognize when looking at the sky:

Here an overview of the facts:
•    80% women and 65% Men are interested in the starry sky
•    75% find the Big Dipper
•    70% find the North Star
•    Less than 30% know Orion, Leo, Cassiopeia
•    Further constellations are hardly known

There is still a lot people could learn about the starry sky. Last but not least, there are 88 constellations and innumerable interesting celestial objects.

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