Updates to the Universe2go app!

The Universe2go app receives regular updates in order to improve accuracy and performance.  As time goes on, please check back here at our blog or on our Facebook, Twitter or Google + pages for info on the updates.

Great news!  The Universe2go app is now available in Spanish, making it the 4th version of the app available on the App Store or in the Google Play Store!  We wish our Spanish speaking fellow humans tons of fun with the new app.  For those of you wishing to expand your linguistic skills with some Spanish, this is your chance!

In recent months the app has been updated to increase the accuracy of the digital overlay over the night sky, as well as a new eye calibration function.  The newest update brought performance enhancements for the microphone function, which helps you more easily calibrate the display to your eyes.

NOTE: Speech detection is carried out locally on the device.  No data is sent to any server and the microphone is only activated during eye calibration.