Universe2go TV Spot: U2go in the US of A!

U2go Video Screenshot

Universe2go has taken off and landed in the United States!  With our breakthrough into the US market, we are excited to be able to reach one of the largest groups of Astro-enthusiasts on Earth and see massive potential in creating more fervor for the stars! On this front, we can report on two exciting developments:

First – Universe2go has been selected as one of NewsWatchTV’s favorite tech things of 2015 for the Holiday Season!  The TV program appears weekly on the Discovery Channel stateside, regularly reaching nearly 100 million households and features an assortment of cool, new, and groundbreaking gadgets. Would you like to check out the list? The link is here.

In addition to appearing on the list, those of you interested in learning more about Universe2go, tune into NewsWatch TV’s pre-Black Friday special on the Discovery Channel, airing Monday the 23rd of November!

Of course, you can always visit our website for more information about the device and what cool things you can do with it!

Clear skies and happy stargazing!