Total Solar Eclipse 2017: The Astronomy Show and Photos out of Wyoming

Yesterday afternoon we received images of the total solar eclipse in the USA.  A small group of people from the Buchloe Observatory (only 6 miles from the Astroshop/Universe2go headquarters) spent a few days in the USA, in order to experience the total solar eclipse personally.  More information about the eclipse last 21st of August 2017 can be found here.

Our friends rented an RV and found a nice spot to observe just outside the city of Casper, Wyoming.  Together with others, our team crossed their fingers for good weather.  But, one day prior to the big event, the sky looked like this!

All the worry was quelled as the next day presented the team with a clear, blue, Wyoming sky!

With everything set up: StarAdventurer Mount with an Omegon Apochromatic Refractor Pro APO AP 66/400 ED were the instruments of choice.  Compact, transportable and crispe, clear optics!

Instead of a solar filter, the team used a Lunt Herschel Wedge, which provided a contrast rich image.

Our friends from Buchloe were rewarded with a wonderful solar eclipse, which will never be forgotten.

Many thanks to Reinhard Lehmann, the 2nd president of the Astronomical Society of Buchloe e.V. for the nice photos.