Telescope and Universe2go Comparison: 8 Differences

A big decision for anyone!  Do you buy a telescope or a Universe2go?  Which is better?  Every instrument is full of possibilities.  With which offers you better night-sky observations?  Below, we have put together a table, which details the benefits of using a telescope versus a Universe2go.

General Differences 

A telescope is a purely optical instrument.  It collects light through its aperture, focusing and magnifying the light, which is how we can see far distanced objects in a much better.  As early as 400 years ago and up to now, telescopes have functioned largely in the same way.  With a telescope, you can view planets, star clusters, galactic nebulae and galaxies, millions of light years away.  Despite it all being so far away, we see what is (or was) really there!

Universe2go is a new development, however, which has only recently become possible with the invention of smartphones and offers us a new view of the heavens.  In contrast to a telescope, Universe2go does not literally magnify what you see.  We can see the stars, as you do with the naked eye.  The Universe2go app then blends in a digital image of the night sky into your field of view.  It then complements what we can see with the naked eye with constellation lines, names, as well as planets, star clusters, galactic nebulae and galaxies, all millions of lightyears away!  What you see then, is not a magnification of what is really there, rather images of these celestial objects.  It is a device, which allows you to learn about and study the night sky from our perspective.

Which crosses the finish line? Telescope and Universe2go in Comparison

Telescope Universe2go
Optical Instrument Augmented Reality Viewer
You will need to actively use star charts and compare them to the night sky You experience and learn about the starry night sky interactively, without the use of star charts
Consists of a tripod, mount and lens barrel Fits in any bag and transportable
You can see real planets and nebulae, etc., albeit at a huge distance You can see the actually positioning of planets and nebulae, seeing images of celestial objects blended into your view.
A Go-To Telescope can automatically focus on celestial objects, with the push of a button Universe2go guides users, with the search function, to celestial objects
For hobby astronomers, amateurs and scientists For anyone with a fascination with the cosmos
Depending on the phase of the Moon, you can view vivid craters on the Moon You get a superimposed image of the Moon and the audio guide’s description of the Moon
A telescope magnifies and collects light.  A 200mm telescope for example collects 800 times light than the naked eye Universe2go does not magnify, rather projects digital content into your view of the night sky

You can notice right away: telescopes and universe2go are two fundamentally different devices.  You can study and observe the night sky with both – just in different ways. The question remains: what suits you best?

There is no exact answer to that question.  Universe2go is a learning and multimedia device for the night sky.  A telescope offers us a magnified view of the night sky.  Only you, a telescope and the universe: an amazing experience!

For those who like to spend a lot of time with the cosmos, should know the value of both devices, since they are fantastically complementary of one another.  For those interested in the stars, desiring the knowledge, but lacking the time: Universe2go is the planetarium of choice.