Takeaways from AstroFest 2017 in London

This past Friday and Saturday, we had the pleasure of partaking in AstroFest 2017.  Over two days we made many new friends, saw old friends, and overall enjoyed the atmosphere of the show with numerous astro-fans and experts.

Astrofest 2017 - Stand 2


We brought along a few of our more impressive refractor telescopes, including the Apo Triplet and stargazing binos for our advanced astronomers!

Astrofest 2017 - Telescopes

As always, AstroFest featured a number of interesting presentations on the amazing advancements and progress in the fields of Astronomy and Astrophysics!

Astrofest 2017 - Conference

We were also happy to be in the presence of the great Brian May, astrophysicist and lead guitarist of Queen, as he spent time speaking with fans at the London Stereoscopic Company stand.

Astrofest 2017 - May and London Stereoscopic

We also got in on the action…

Astrofest 2017 - Pedro and May


Astrofest 2017 - Carlos and May

All together, it was an exciting weekend and a great experience.  If you haven’t been to AstroFest before, we can only recommend it!  Plan to be there next year, as it takes place during the first half of February, to take part in all the excitement!  We will be there!  Will you?

Image: europeanastrofest.com, Astroshop.eu