Stars Shine for Everyone: What can you do?

If you are enthusiastic about astronomy, the stars and just generally what is beyond our Earthly realm, perhaps you would be interested in the Stars Shine for Everyone charity.  Universe2go and its sister-company, Astroshop, have taken notice of the charity and contributed to a good cause.

Stars Shine for Everyone works under the moniker ‘Telescopes for Charity’ and this slogan only begins to describe the project’s goals.  Primarily, the organisation wants to get telescopes, along with the opportunity to study the Moon, planets and stars, into the hands of children with special needs as well as more vulnerable populations.  The idea stems from the founders of the initiative in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Joanne and Patrick Poitevin wish to carry out the project in the UK in order to bring the Universe to children at schools and institutions for special educational needs.  The initiative will help acquire a Bresser 80/900, along with the necessary equipment, accessories and support, for those schools and institutions in the UK.  For more info, see the URL:

All donations are welcome!