Solar Eclipse in the Rocky Mountains with Wyoming Stargazing

If you are contemplating traveling to the USA for the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, check out Wyoming Stargazing, a non-profit organization aspiring to “educate and inspire through Wyoming’s extraordinary skies”.

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The organization, based in Jackson, Wyoming, was founded by local Jackson resident, Dr. Samuel Singer, as a way to further stoke the interest of exploring “the extraordinary in the ordinary”.  Indeed, the night sky may seem just ordinary to many people, but from the standpoint just above beautiful Jackson, peering beyond our own world offers a glimpse of what was, is and will be awe-inspiring, while offering a large dose of perspective to our every day lives.  We are but a small part of the Universe – a fact that makes our world, teeming with life, all the more special and amazing.  To learn more about what Wyoming Stargazing stands for and aspires to achieve, check out their website here.

Eclipse 2017


Wyoming Stargazing is holding a two-day, pre-eclipse event on the summit of Snow King, just above Jackson.   If you are interested in participating or simply making yourself wise to the events in the area, click the image above.

For basic info about the solar eclipse, as well as a map of the eclipse’s path across the United States, see Wyoming Stargazing’s 2017 Solar Eclipse page.  The organization has also started a Solar Eclipse blog, entitled “100 Days until Totality Blog“, offering history, tid-bids and interesting facts about past eclipses, and of course the upcoming eclipse in two month’s time.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood, stop by Jackson!  Come for the sights!  Stay for big wonderful Wyoming!